Why choose HERC?

We have nine world-leading academic program leads, overseeing over 100 researchers, all passionate about making a positive impact to society. Our industry partner is an ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) investing firm, dedicated to delivering responsible investments that are sustainable and economically beneficial. We have a proven track record in the development and deployment of hydrogen solutions.

HERC will:

  • Drive the growth and adoption of the hydrogen economy by strategically targeting the translation of commercialisable IP.
  • Provide advice, technologies and solutions for businesses transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy for fuel, electrical or heat generation.
  • Provide forecasting and modelling for the use of hydrogen technologies in industry and communities.
  • Equip industry with the knowledge required to securely deliver hydrogen projects that are low risk from a technical and financial perspective.
  • Train a generation of renewable energy innovators with relevant skills and expertise for the global hydrogen industry.
  • Foster strong collaborations between Australian universities and a host of national and international organisations along the hydrogen value chain.


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Research and Development

In this fast-moving world, spending on research and development is an investment in the future of your company and industry. R&D leads to innovation, which will give your company a competitive advantage and allow it to remain relevant in a changing environment. The result is increased profits, lowered costs, and potential for business growth and expansion. If your company has any challenges, ideas or applications, we can provide you with assistance through the entire process. From inception to design, prototyping, testing, industry regulations and deployment, our team will be with you every step of the way.



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Scientific Analysis and Testing

Hydrogen is not a new resource. It's been used by industry for the decades as rocket fuel, in oil refineries and in fertiliser production. Stringent safety standards for the use of hydrogen therefore already exist. However, hydrogen safety will continue to be a key priority of research and development as we see hydrogen used more often in new applications within the energy industry.

HERC has expertise in materials analysis, including material degradation and hydrogen embrittlement. We can aid in the quality control process to ensure safe, effective and reliable use of any hydrogen technology.



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Benchmarking and Certification

As hydrogen products and technology enter the market, there is a need to assess, validate and certify these technologies as they exist in the hydrogen ecosystem. This includes all types of electrolysers, storage technologies, fuel cells and power management and conversion systems. HERC will have the capacity to test and certify hydrogen and its technologies and products for commercialisation. We can also conduct performance benchmarking to facilitate product development, testing and distribution.




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Training and Upskilling

Australia is rich in renewable resources, such as solar and wind power. We are in a prime position to capitalise on the emerging global growth of hydrogen, creating both clean and affordable energy, and jobs for Australians. There is tremendous potential for Australia to become an exporter of hydrogen energy and products to the rest of the world. This requires equipping our current and future workforce with the skills necessary to participate in the hydrogen economy. HERC is developing hydrogen training courses and accreditation and is also a part of the ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy.



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