We are witnessing an unprecedented momentum driving the adoption of hydrogen. Governments across the globe are investing heavily in hydrogen research and technologies. Within Australia, the hydrogen industry is projected to generate about 7,600 jobs and add about AU$11 billion a year in additional GDP by 2050.

There is a great opportunity for a business or organisation to get involved in the hydrogen economy and we are here to help. We work with both the public and private sector across the globe, providing research, development, deployment and consultation services for hydrogen technologies.

The Possibilities are Limitless

Contact us if you:

  • Want to improve your energy supply security and reliability, including in remote applications/communities or for critical infrastructure (e.g. a low maintenance, uninterrupted power supply).
  • Want to decarbonise your company’s operations. For example, by using hydrogen for power generation or industrial heating; by building a circular economy through the generation of hydrogen from waste products that can then be used as an energy source; or replacing brown/blue hydrogen in your industry with green hydrogen.
  • Have an idea of a new technique, technology or process that can benefit from hydrogen.
  • Are interested in finding out more about hydrogen energy.

Our business development manager can provide advice and assist with applying for suitable government grants and other funding sources for these projects.

HERC is a not-for-profit centre, for the benefit of all.