Our Vision

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Perfectly Positioned to Drive Change

With the approval of the National Hydrogen strategy, Australia is striving to position itself as a global leader in "clean" hydrogen exports. This will be kickstarted by the $370 million in funding provided by the Australian government for hydrogen projects.

UNSW has a proud history as a world leader in renewable energy technology, sustainability innovation and climate science. Already, more than $100 billion worth of economic activity around the world is underpinned by renewable energy technology developed at UNSW. UNSW’s pioneering research in silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has created and transformed the global solar industry. This extensive experience translating university-led research into a thriving industry will be applied to the clean hydrogen sector.

Established in 2020, HERC will be an innovative platform for collaboration between UNSW Sydney, the Providence Asset Group and key industry, government, and community stakeholders. HERC will be Australia's premium precinct for hydrogen energy and an internationally linked, world-class research centre. Our global impact will accelerate the growth of Australia's hydrogen and renewable energy industry.

Innovation Through Research

HERC will develop innovative approaches to efficient, cost-effective hydrogen energy generation storage, and utilisation, along with the novel social, political, regulatory and legal frameworks necessary for a successful energy transition.

Taking full advantage of the talents, technologies and resources of UNSW and the Providence Asset Group, in partnership with technology providers, industry, community groups and policy makers, the HERC will establish an internationally competitive interdisciplinary research platform. This platform will:

1.   Provide the IP technology
2.   Enable practical and technical training and solutions
3.   Produce graduates and technologies equipped for a clean energy future

Addressing Real-World Issues with Hydrogen

The Centre is envisioned as a platform or "sandbox" for testing and translating IP that has been developed through research streams. This will include small- and large-scale hydrogen solutions, such as generation, storage, prototyping, microgrid integration and energy trading technologies.

HERC has world-class facilities that we continue to flesh-out, such as with an upcoming Hydrogen Industrial Research Facility. It ensures we’re always promoting agile product development of next generation hydrogen technology solutions.

We work with key international partners, as well as multiple stakeholders and end-users, right from the project inception stage, to build interdisciplinary, system-wide solutions. As a result, HERC research is ready for implementation at scale in real-world scenarios. This in turn builds capacity and accelerates the growth of Australia's renewable energy industry.

Translating Research into Solutions for the Community

HERC works with communities to tackle complex technical, social, political and legal issues. These solutions will work for small and large communities. Just one example is the Smart City feasibility project, developed by HERC with Tamworth Regional Council.

By developing interdisciplinary solutions at a whole-of community scale, HERC provides prototypes for implementation that are proven to work not just on a technical level, but also at a social, economic and regulatory level. Stakeholder engagement sits at the heart of our projects at all stages of the research lifecycle, ensuring community buy-in and helping to smooth the transition to a greater than 100% renewable future.

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