Located at the University of New South Wales, ARC GlobH2E is taking a leading role in transforming Australia’s hydrogen economy. It's also instrumental in advocating new business policy and safety frameworks relevant to the hydrogen economy through upskilling and effective training of the Australian workforce. ARC GlobH2E does all this in partnership with leading Australian and global research institutions, industry partners, government agencies and start-ups.

Specifically, the Centre will:

  • Train Australia’s future generation of industry-focused researchers.
  • Implement and commercialise advanced hydrogen technologies.
  • Develop business frameworks and safety standards associated with hydrogen technologies.
  • Undertake research where technologies will contribute to a commercially viable venture and lead to major commercial breakthroughs and societal impact.
  • Educate and advocate hydrogen technology's safe and effective transition into the broader economy through effective engagements with the public, associations and business.
  • Create innovative research collaborations between industry, university and government.
  • Create a path for simpler deployment and commercialisation of hydrogen technologies.


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